Architectural projects

The concept is the first step towards creating the dream bedroom. Choosing the elements in the room based on the needs and wants of the child, choosing the colours and the theme. After the main concept is contoured, the design process starts to unfold. The keyword for this process is imagination. All of the details of the concept come together to form the dream project: both fascinating, interactive and functional.

Subsequently, along with the technical team the project starts to unfold and then it is passed on to the factory of dreams, where the space of fantasy is brought to life. Each bedroom or playroom is different as it is tailored to each child, with its unique imagination and dreams, hence each project brings a new perspective and challenge to the making. In order to reach the final project, the furniture goes through a series of processes: cutting, crafting, painting. When the project is set into place, even the toughest adult wants to relive their childhood.

Cloud Euphoria

Leea’s Room wants to create fantasy spaces suited to fit your child’s lifestyle and reflect their personality.

Tree of Wishes

Leea’s Room wants to create fantasy spaces suited to fit your child’s lifestyle and reflect their personality.

Forest Castle

Facebook-f Youtube Factory Leea’s Room wants to create fantasy spaces suited to fit your child’s lifestyle and reflect their personality. …

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World Journey

Leea’s Room wants to create fantasy spaces suited to fit your child’s lifestyle and reflect their personality.

Loft Fantasy

Leea’s Room wants to create fantasy spaces suited to fit your child’s lifestyle and reflect their personality.

Jungle Nest

For any child, his room is a protective space, where he feels free to play as much as he wants. He determines when he goes on an adventure, with whom, but, above all, he is free to define the adventure as he wants, so that he can become a superhero every time.

Cherry Castle

Playing and having fun, they sure taste like cherries! The LR team has created a unique space, where your child can feel all the flavors of fun and infinite joy. The taste of childhood will always remain in the memory of the little one, who spent his best years in a place with the aroma of magic.

Playing in space

When you are a child, the big world becomes unfit for your imagination. The room created by the LR team can become a space where goodwill, friendship and play take place freely, without limits.

Pack your suitcase

We are going on a trip! This is what every child feels when he enters his room: taste of adventure, fantastic calls, great challenges. The room has become a tireless play space, where travel and discovery are your child’s most loved experiences.

Ballerina Theatre

For your child, the bed is not just a bed, the closet is not just a closet, the desk is not just any object. It’s exactly the same for the LR team: the room is a dance floor, where the furniture means a mixture of music, dance, color. It is a complete harmony.

Hop in the balloon

Hop-up on a magical journey! Every child must feel this when he enters his room. The breeze of the wind, the song of the walkways, the play of the sun’s rays, the fluffy layer of the clouds are just some of the elements that make up the memory of a childhood at… heart!

Fairytale Kingdom

Who doesn’t want a kingdom of his own, where he can feel as an admired queen or as a much-loved king? Any child can feel that way when he enters his room, which the LR team has transformed into a magical kingdom!

Safari Adventure

Why wait until we grow up to have great adventures? LR has brought adventure to your child’s room. Here, the little one can meet amazing challenges, which make him prove his cleverness, ingenuity, courage.

Wonderland City

Home will always be a wonderful place for your child, to which he will return with the joy of rediscovering fantastic adventures.

Bubblegum Safari

The sweet taste of fun and adventure is reflected in your little one’s room. Teach him from an early age that any challenge is a magical step towards knowledge and that any adventure is an opportunity for him to discover new and astonishing truths.

Animal Kingdom

The energy of nature, the dance of the sun’s rays and the song of the wind, all met in your child’s room, who tastes the most beautiful things in the surrounding world.

City Playroom

A place where not only your child, but also his friends can feel fantastic! What can be better than a room where fun and play are multiplied to infinity?

Princess Carousel

When you really want to be a princess, the room becomes a symbol of play and joy. The carousel carries her child in a unique story, where any little girl can be what she wants, because her imagination is free to… play!

Around Earth

All life is a journey. Your child can learn from an early age how important it is to travel, to meet wonderful people and unique places. The LR team managed to make a part of this fantastic world little by little and place it exactly in your child’s room.

Trip around the world

Your child’s room does not have to be made up of 4 walls… The LR team has transformed the concept into a room-universe, where your child can make as many trips and stops as he feels the need, until he becomes that BIG MAN who knows how to enjoy and appreciate all the beautiful things around him.

In the clouds

Sometimes, happiness means feeling like you’re floating. Give your child this unique experience from an early age, from the moment he enters his room. The time spent here will always be remembered as happiness, as a continuous floating among games, music and innocence.

Butterfly Garden

Why not bring the joy of nature to the little one’s room? From the smell of grass and flowers, the flight of birds and the colors of butterflies, the LR Team managed to create a room.

Pink Dreams

If childhood means dreaming, the LR Team has created the perfect space for anyone who feels the need to enjoy innocence. The pastel shades combine with the curved, soft lines, in an infinite movement towards a state of pure joy, which is childhood.

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