A super fluffly animal-themed chair that celebrates a tale of courage and perseverance.

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Width: 39 CM | 15.35“
Depth: 40 CM | 15.74“
Height: 59 CM | 23.22“
Seat Height: 34 CM | 13.38“
Seat Depth: 28 CM | 11.02“

Tech info

Glossy lacquered legs, upholstered in dolly and paris velvet.

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Discover the cutest kid´s seating inspiration with Po Chair!

Pandas are arguably the cutest and most adorable animals on the planet. Their extreme fluffiness is so captivating that we tend to always associate pandas with happiness, joy, and love. One of the most famous Pandas in animated movies is the clumsy, lovable, and unlikely hero  Po, from “Kung Fu Panda”. Po is a giant panda, who dreams of becoming a skilled martial artist. The story follows Po’s journey of self-discovery as he learns about the true meaning of kung fu and the importance of inner strength and belief in oneself. Po inspired this super fluffy animal-themed chair that celebrates a tale of courage, perseverance, and the power of believing in oneself.


Also available in alternative color.

Clean and care

Dry cloth

Estimated production time

8 weeks



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